Algamyn: the accompaniment to exclusive pleasures

Who hasn't experienced that rustle when browsing a quality photo album, unpacking an expensive shirt or opening a box of chocolates? A semi-transparent covering that gives an immediate impression of what it conceals and symbolizes objects of value and quality. Wickels Algamyn is a single or double sided bronzed product accessory paper that is especially effective. As an accompaniment to exclusive pleasures, it provides a sense of having something exceptional. As an accessory leaf in a box of chocolates, or as a protective leaf in books or cigar boxes, Algamyn gives quality to those special-occasion products. It is especially effective as glossy transparent paper embossed with one of our designs or with a company logo.


A unique bronzed paper version is available exclusively from Wickels. Be inspired by colours from our sample book Algamyn and choose one of the 50 embossments from Wickels. Algamyn is available in 25, 32 and 45 g/m² grammages and as 70 x 100 cm, small formats and on rolls.

Here are some colour examples in which to experience our algamyn rustle: